Zoom in on Happiness

There’s a lesson in the clouds today:

Where do I choose to focus?











On looming dark clouds










or a patch of lovely turquoise sky?










Zoom in on happiness!


Fountain of Youth

Daily Prompt: Forever Young

by michelle w.

If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

Interesting question today from WordPress blog insipration maven Michelle!  Personally, I would drink just enough from the Fountain of Youth to regain my vim and vigor.  I’d know I’d drunk enough when I had the energy to resume country dancing, yes!  But I’d be careful not to drink too much of these addictive waters, because I love the wisdom that I have earned over the course of the six decades of my life.  It would be terribly unfortunate for that accumulated wisdom to be washed away into the foolishness of youth… Ugh, the though of having to learn those “life lessons” over again, no thank you!

How about you?  To drink or not to drink, that would be a difficult question, or wouldn’t it?