My Big Vision for my Right Brain Business

Right Brain Business Plan for!

Right Brain Business Plan for!  Well, tip your head to the right so you can read the collage elements, since this right-brainer can’t figure out how to rotate the photo for you!

I created this business vision collage in January, during Jennifer Lee’s Creative Live Right Brain Business Plan workshop.  I’m inspired to post it now, halfway through Jennifer Lee’s “Right Brainers in Business Summit”.  Being in her very lively chat room makes it seem more real that yes, I am becoming a “creative entrepreneur”!

Here’s my 2-sentence summary of Nature Wisdom Journey that I wrote for my scholarship application for her Premium Pass program:  “Nature Wisdom Journey will soon be a women’s mystery school that assists midlife women to re-create our lives.  It will offer e-courses with supportive forums, group and 1-on-1 coaching using techniques from ARTbundance and basic NLP, and intimate work/playshops, ceremonies and retreats, using a synthesis of Nature re-conncection, shamanic journeying, goddess and Earth-based spirituality, art creativity, and aspects of permaculture.”  That may look like a crazy combination, but it’s “me”!*

Here’s the reason I’m applying for the Premium Pass:  “Being on the Summit is helping me believe I can become a creative entreprenuer. The Premium program will help me actually become one!

I feel so full of vision and ideas, teetering on the brink of actually manifesting this amazing business…. The extra boost from your coaching calls and the Facebook forum will encourage me to do the “hard stuff” that is so easy to procrastinate on without accountability and support….”

Here’s my status:  “Preparing to launch my first programs!” and what I’m doing toward that: “Creating the website, finishing free download and course content; training to become an ARTbundance coach.”  Here’s what’s holding me back:  “A case of temporary technophobia caused by the complexities of website design, plus the distraction of being in a (wonderful) coaching training program.”

And here are some of my “takeaways” from the first week + one day of this 2-week summit :

Gratitude=GReat ATtITUDE!
Gratitude accumulates [make a Cool Stuff Jar w/ gratitudes written on slips of paper to see gratitude pile up!)].
“Perfectionists must LAUNCH and THEN create final content.” [Gee, how that hits home!]
“Budget”=”Map of Intention”! [Rename budget categories to make budgeting more fun and visionary].
Ask what my business believes in! See her as a person separate from myself.
MICPD=Multiple Ideal Client Personality Disorder 🙂 –Just pick a clear focus for right now.
Create, then share my content via social media!  Blog, Facebook posts, Tweets….
Fear and excitement elicit the same physiological responses. When afraid, lie! Tell myself I’m excited.  [Definitely gonna try this!]
Show up as “authentic me”!* (One presenter got a client because she swore in something she posted)  [Nice to have permission to be real.  Watch out world!  And stay tuned for Nature Wisdom Journey’s eventual birth, to be announced sometime in 2013!]