Imbolc–Bright Blessings of Brighid!

Bright Blessings this cross-quarter (between Solstice and Equinox) day!  The Sun has returned enough that we can notice (and celebrate!) longer days and increased light on the north side of our homes (apologies for my Northern hemisphere perspective to all those easing out of Summer!).

Before she was co-opted into the Catholic pantheon of Saints, Brighid was the Sun Goddess of my Celtic ancestors, so for me (and many others) this pagan holyday is sacred to Her (and my priestess name is Brighidsdottir).  Although the church fathers did not recognize the Sun Goddess, they kept Brighid’s sacred powers as Smithcrafter (transforming by Fire), Muse of bards and poets, and Healer.  Like the Virgin, she wears a cloak that comforts and heals, but it is her hair–often depicted as flames–that bring her energy to me when I’m tired.  I envision Her mantle surrounding when I’m sad or ready to sleep.

Brighid--by Wendy AndrewPainting by Wendy Andrew, copied from a Facebook post and used without permission.  I hope she approves my sharing this gorgeous vision of Brighid!

If you didn’t celebrate Candlemas/ Imbolc/ Brighid last night on the Eve, all day today is sacred–and secular (look for the groundhog or its equivalent in your biome today!).  Think about emerging from hibernation now–or slowly as we approach the Vernal Equinox (the groundhog is our Guide in how quickly to emerge each year).  Plant seeds–literally in my desert garden or in pots for transplanting after your garden thaws (or my soil warms enough for summer crops)–or metaphorically as seeds of intention.  I love to combine literal and metaphoric seeds to get the garden planted and cast spells of intentionality as I “work.”  Take wheat stalks and weave Brighid’s crosses (sunspirals!).  Invoke the Sun and light candles in honor of Her return.

Celebrate (again!) at Lunar Imbolc/ Lunar Brighid at the upcoming DarkMoon (wonderful for divination and letting go of what no longer serves us) and NewMoon (perfect for planting seeds of intention!)–one week from today.

fyi if this is unfamiliar:  DarkMoon is the day and night (or several) right before NewMoon, when the moon is invisible in the sky and the energy is most inward for attuned we’moon.  Our energy turns outward after the balance point called “New Moon” on our calendars, that astronomic point when the Sun and Moon are closest together in our sky.  I like to celebrate NewMoon when I first see the lovely tiny crescent in the evening sky a day or two after the astromomic balance point–isn’t that a special sighting?!  The evening just before New Moon is when I love to hold DarkMoon circles.  I will resume after the Sun returns enough for us to meet outdoors in the Healing Grove; meanwhile I am doing my Imbolc magic as a solitary, mostly indoors by lamplight pagan, except for daytime seedsowing and moonsightings whenever the sky is clear.

Wherever, whenever, solitary or in circle, celebrate as you are called to do!  And when you need comfort, know that Brighid’s mantle awaits to cover you with Her nurturing warmth.

Blessed Be!


Fearlessly Traveling Light[er]

Tonight is the Dark[est]Moon, and tomorrow morning the New[est]Moon, so tonight is an auspicious time to do ceremony for releasing what no longer serves our highest good, then set intentions for the coming month.  Let’s prepare now for what is coming: the most anticipated Winter Solstice in millenia, 12.21.12, followed by the somewhat anticlimatic but always wildly celebrated Julian New Year, 1.1.13.

Artist Veronica Funk recently shared a personal tradition on her blog of making a list of New year’s resolutions, which she found are easily forgotten, she finds one word that represents her intentions for the year.  She paints that word on the cover of her annual journal, so each day she is reminded of her intentions (and, I imagine, often creates entries based on how that word and the intentions it represents are showing up in her life).

Today I am immersed in DarkMoon introspection and magic.  My weekly coaching call took me on a shamanic healing quest where I heard my WiseWommon advisor tell me to let go of fear in order to regain my health (thus easily and enjoyably launching my work in the world, wahoo!).  The healing image that came to me in this trance was of a huge golden eagle, soaring effortlessly up a thermal.

And so I will consult  both my “intuitive” and Roget’s thesauruses (thesauri–Who knows proper Latin nowadays?) for my YearWord.  Fearless?  Health? Wellness?  Light?  Soar?  Suggestions, anyone?   I have a week to find my word–and to purchase a new journal (I have the acrylics and brushes ready to install the title and “cover art”–yes, stomach butterflies, I am no longer afraid of making imperfect art!  I will use those new paints!

Here I am Traveling Lighter on the Beauty Way last September:

TL--Personal Balance on the Beauty Way

I intend to embody that playful spirit even in winter, when the trees are bare and the flowers frost-killed and my feet squeezed into wooly socks and clogs, even when I’m “building” my website, even when I’m “working” or “organizing” or “decluttering,” as well as after a 4-day Traveling Light Year retreat.  A carefully chosen one-word reminder will definitely be useful.  I’ll post it here when I’ve committed it to paint!

Do you have a word for the transformation or commitment you are resolved to manifest next year?  [Veronica and] I suggest you post or paint it somewhere you will see it every day.  If you find sharing your intentions brings useful accountablity, post your YearWord here, on Veronica’s blog, on my Facebook page (where you can “share” the link to Veronica’s blog w/ your own FB tribe, Tweet it, wherever!

May we all have a magical Solstice and a truly wondrous New Year!

Arise and Shine, by Sun and Moon!

Arise and Shine, by Sun and Moon!  Speak our We’Moon Truth (the power of Raven)!  We’Moon ARE changing the World!

What is so wonderful about this piece of evocative artwork is that the artist is a young man.  (  Obviously the Divine Feminine is speaking through our sensitive brothers as well as through our we’moon sisters.

Blessed Be!

Lunar Musings on this week’s Solar Transit

Today’s We’Moon Lunar News featured two quotes from We’Moon calendars, focusing on the Sun’s transit into Sagittarius on the 21st.  Those quotes inspired this personal blog.

I love receiving the We’Moon Lunar News each week because it reminds me to pay attention to astrological transits, and deepens my understanding of how the Moon (and Sun, et al.) influence my life.  Plus, the featured art is often amazing!   And “amazing” yet accessible artwork inspires my own new collage and paint adventures into “personal breakthroughs” and “right brain business planning”….

This week’s featured artwork is “Sagittarius” © Liliana Kleiner 2009:

The first quote describes the Solar month of Sagittarius:  “Mutable Fire-sign Sagittarius calls our attention up and out, to the mountain tops, to the wild, and to the global community. It asks us to see potential and celebrate our journey thus far.”  — Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2010

I spent Saturday in the San Pedro Valley, rejuvenating myself by napping and daydreaming on a bed of grass and cottonwood leaves, watching the clouds cross the autumnal sky as dry leaves whirled down from the trees with every breath of wind.  Hiking out on the valley floor, mountains surrounding me as they do in the desert’s “basin and range” landforms, my gaze drawn to the far distances, I reflected on “big pictures” and “Big Dreams.”  Apparently a foretaste of this magickal year’s solar transit through Sagittarius!

Gretchen Lawlor’s description of [natal Sun] Sagittarians spoke to me deeply because Sagittarius is my Ascendant (rising sign in my natal chart):  “Sagittarius is the far-seeing one with enthusiastic faith in the impossible. We always need you, and will really need you in 2012.  Since 2010 you have been learning how to be a responsible community member, finding a sense of purpose as your enthusiasm and experience inspire and encourage others. Big projects require substantial cooperation; make space for the equally brilliant contributions of others.”  — Gretchen Lawlor © Mother Tongue Ink 2012  [from We’Moon 2012: Chrysalis]

Ever since my second Saturn return I have been dreaming of [co-]founding a permaculture- and Earth Spirituality- based intentional residential and teaching community, but despairing of being able to actually do so due to illness and isolation.  My “Big Dream” is so astonishingly “impractical” for a Virgo Sun “differently-abled” and rapidly aging woman that it has seemed quite “out of character” for me these eight years of “dreaming” UpwardSpiral community.

Now I know this “UpwardSpiral” dream comes from my Sagittarius Ascendant, which is now apparently “ascending” like a Phoenix from the ashes of despair, renewed and empowered this amazing year 2012.  During my 62nd year (2012) I found the key to stabilizing my bipolar “disorder” naturally, with guidance from a local holistic psychiatrist Dr. Mary Ackerly.  I released and transformed deep psychological “stuff” that has been holding me hostage, via Scout Wilkins’ Personal Breakthrough Program, which has allowed me to engage fully in her year-long Traveling Light  program during which I am creating and launching a visionary business, Nature Wisdom Journey.  (More on that soon!)

I recognize the Sagittarian aspects of my persona in Gretchen Lawlor’s description.  I do have a vision of a beautiful and regenerative future, and I know my life purpose is to not only “walk my talk” personally, but to encourage and inspire others to live lightly and love our Mother Earth (and teach skills to do so), and to be a shamanic midwife for women especially at transition times in their lives.  I am holding space for co-creative collaborations of many kinds with regard to my business and my dream of community, and I am “calling” co-creative partners into my world for 2013 and beyond.

I am blessed to be a Virgoian organizer, a Gemini Moon communicator, and yes, a Sagittarian visionary, coming into the third phase of my life with wonder-full synergy between these somewhat contradictory influences.  May your transits and Saturn returns and personal breakthroughs bless your life as mine are blessing mine, and may we all dare to dream Big Dreams and manifest our visions of community and a beautiful and regenerative future during this Sagittarius Sun, at the much-hyped dates of 12/12/12 and 12/21/12, and throughout 2013 and beyond!

Blessed Be!

fyi, We’Moon’s Weekly Lunar News is a small & lovely emailed reminder of holy days, lunar & astrological events in the week ahead.  You can subscribe to the weekly lunar news and purchase We’Moon Datebooks, Wall Calendars and Cards, We’moon Mobile for iOS or Android at  Dr. Mary Ackerly has a great post about healing bipolar at  Read more about and from Scout Wilkins, my “brain repatterner” and business coach at  Check back here for updates on my new business, or check the website’s progress at

DarkMoon Musings: Signs and Synchronicities and a Surprise Business Launch

“Merry Meet” to my Tribe, whomever and wherever you are!  As I sit down to write this morning, it’s six hours until the astronomical moment when Earth’s Moon is conjunct the Sun, the time we know as the New Moon. (Actually, the Moon is invisible, or “dark” for 3 days, then reappears as the NewMoon crescent, a topic for another blog or MoonMusing…).  At this so-called “New Moon” turnaround point, Luna has waned as much as possible, no longer the lovely dawn sliver of two days ago (so close to Venus this moonth!). Hopefully those of us attuned-or attuning-to Lunar rhythms have gone inward more and more over the last quarter of the mooncycle, especially during the past few days, to find wisdom and insights through introspection and divination–insights and wisdom most available to us at this “dark” time of the Moon’s cycle.

In my totally inspired, half-crazed, full-spate creative flow to launch my new business “soon! not later!”, I did not go as inward as I usually do right before the DarkMoon-NewMoon turnaround.  I did put the “On Retreat” sign on my gate Sun’sDay morning to prevent oh-so-enjoyable but time-frittering casual chitchat (ok, ok, gossip!) with my favorite neighbors–but not for purposes of solitary art or writing or plain ol’ quiet time.

Instead, I spent most of Sun’sDay in the Chatroom portion of the simulcast of Jennifer Lee’s Right Brain Product Development workshop, and much of MoonDay following up on leads and connections in a spate of virtual networking and FaceBook conversations.  I had expected Sun’sDay to be an intense day of creating my first product, but found the workshop’s time pressure for the exercises and assignments uncomfortable and the chat way too seductive.  I decided to print out Jenn’s playsheets on my next trip into Tucson, and do them later, and during the workshop to just watch the simulcast while following the multiple conversations on the chat as well as I could.

As I networked with other “chatty” entrepreneurs at various points, I casually mentioned my new URL ( and business-to-be (yep, Nature Wisdom Journey!).  A person w/ the remarkable chat ID Hoolimalama (Please pardon if I misspelled it from memory!) gave me a great acknowledgement, then the chaos of overlapping chat conversations continued, with lots of great suggestions for supplies and support services and mutual encouragement amidst the overlay of personal interactions.

When I checked in with my personal “life and business” coach afterward, she congratulated me on having actually launched my business! That’s why coaches are so great–they are our cheerleaders, pointing out our successes that might otherwise go unacknowledged as well as guiding us and giving us skills to get to those milestones in the first place.  Thank you to my Inner Wilderness guide and business cheerleader, Scout Wilkins for pointing out what I am calling my Stealth Business Launch! [Check out her playful and deep website,

I left the Product Development simulcast early, in order to get on a Skype conference call for the second class of my 6-weeks Magical Writers course.  One of our exercises was a 3-card tarot reading to guide our writing this week.  Now here’s where the “Signs and Synchronicities” really appear!  I had chosen to use the first tarot deck I ever bought, the one I almost always, but not exclusively, reach for:  Ffiona Morgan’s Daughters of the Moon Tarot.  I hadn’t consciously thought, “Oh, yeah, DoM will be synchronistic with my Keeping MoonTime e-book and Moonthly Moon Musings newsletter that I intend to work on during this course.”  I just grabbed my favorite tarot deck in a hurry before the class.

Well, what cards should I draw, but two “Maiden of” [Blades and Cups] cards and then the Aether [Ffiona’s Major Arcana] card “Celebration”.  Our teacher (George Franklin of the Bay Area Reclaiming Collective) had given a question for us to ask as we picked each card.  He then had us pick an element from the images on each card to represent ourselves, and had us write a short story about what the card means with regard to this week’s writing.  Here’s my resulting story, based on all three cards:  “I AM Hina, Maiden of Blades.  My Gemini Moon helps me to communicate magically as I fly across the river of inspiration as a young maiden entrepreneur and writer, illuminated by the Moon’s light.  This week, I/Hina draft Moon-related course material and/or MoonWisdom or Keeping Lunar Time e-book(s).

“Right now, with regard to my writing, I am the Pisces fish, mouth agape at the beauty of the Mermaid Mami Watu, who represents my message about women’s natural beauty and watery connection with the Moon.  There is synchronicity between these two “Maiden of” cards and my “maiden voyage” into teaching via writing my deep love for and connection with the Moon.

“My next step is Celebration!  I am the long-braid wo’moon dancing in a circle of 11 we’moon (11=the number of Success according to Ffiona, therefore a great omen for the outcome of my writing and business launch!).  These 11 “successful” and definitely joyous women are dancing naked under the Full Moon, which tells me to “bare my soul” through my writing and success and celebration will be mine to enjoy.”

All right!  Wahoo!

After this Tarot exercise, George asked us each to commit to writing something this week.  What popped into my mind at that moment was, “I commit to posting my first Blog Post at the New Moon”–so here it is!


Thank you for reading my “maiden” blogpost!  Please, pretty please, take a moment to post feedback, and do check in again for future blogs and progress reports about launching my actual website.  If all goes as intended, my website launch will happen by or at this next Full Moon, Goddess of Technology and my ability to FOCUS willing!

Blessed Be!