Zoom in on Happiness

There’s a lesson in the clouds today:

Where do I choose to focus?











On looming dark clouds










or a patch of lovely turquoise sky?










Zoom in on happiness!


“Liking” one’s own posts

Do you ever “like” your own posts when you revisit them to read comments, or come across them in your Facebook feed?  It seems there is a cultural taboo around this practice, an offshoot of the deeply entrenched (and totally erroneous) idea that it is “selfish” to love oneself.

As I have become more established in self-care and self-love (and reaped the benefits of a happier, healthier life as a result), I’ve started “liking” my social media and blog posts in the same way I “like” certain posts by other people.  If my words, or photos of my art, please me aesthetically, or speak to me from a wisdom place, or tickle my sense of humor, I really should “like” them, don’t you agree?

I proposed we all help end this taboo by “liking” our own postings, and truly loving ourselves!

TL--Personal Balance on the Beauty WayI predict amazing things will happen!