Gifts from my Camera: Metaphors for a Transformed Life

I could remember my day today
 through the filter of gloom 
 remembering only those rainy gray hours 
 stuck within the stuffy cluttered house

 or I could admit those hours inside 
 were a gift from my creative muse
 for I wrote content for an eBook I'm been struggling with 
and poetry about the gorgeous moon viewed 
at five this morn--two hours before the rain began
 I could frame this rainy day 
 between that magic before the gray dawn 
 and this evening’s colorful sunset 
 (and perhaps a starry night
 as clouds begin to clear!)
then focus only on the frame 

or I could focus on midafternoon's sudden call 
of brightening clouds and patches of blue  
viewed through raindrops still on the window glass 
a most welcome invitation 
accepted with a dash outside 
(camera in hand, of course) 
to breathe the fresh and bracing air 
and using the camera’s zoom 
to focus on and capture 
the magic of reappearing blue 

 If asked whether my "glass" 
was full or half empty 
I used to growl to myself 
“none of the above--just about empty!” 
(yes, then and still 
a diagnosis of severe clinical depression)
 But now I'm learning 
to reframe my life story 
and how important it is for me 
to focus on each small miracle 
zooming in until it fills my inner viewfinder 
which of course changes my point of view  
until all I am is wonderfully grateful 
and miraculously happy


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