Autumn Blessings


Looking at the Wheel of the Year as a clock, Autumn is Sunset.  It lives in the West, the home of the Water element and our emotions, sometimes seen as the portal to Death and the realms beyond. Overlaying this solar clock/ medicine wheel with the Moon’s monthly cycles, Autumn is Third Quarter, or Waning Half Moon.  In terms of a woman’s life, Autumn is menopause, the end of fecundity and gateway to developing elder wisdom.

Autumn has always been my favorite season of the year, a time of colorful late flowers and abundant harvests, followed by the blaze of turning leaves.  It has been a time of returning physical energy after the summer heat, and is when I became pregnant (giving birth in Summer). I am now in the Autumn years of my life, and so I wonder if this season of my life will be my favorite?  In spite of many losses–relationships, empty nest, health challenges, inability to dance, and where oh where did my libido go?–as I recreate myself “better than ever” in so  many internal ways it’s starting to seem possible that this is becoming my best season!


This year the Equinox happened during the Gibbous Waning Moon, thus Solar Mabon falls close to Lunar Mabon (September 22 and 26). This is a perfect opportunity for a solitary witch to stay super-mindful of Balance for a week, always a good idea for someone fairly recently “beyond bipolar!”  I don’t have to choose, but can celebrate both sides of Autumn–joy and gratitude for the continuing harvest (and the cooler weather!) and grief for the waning of the light and for losses of fecundity and the sensual (okay, sexual!) pleasures of my life’s summer.  I love balancing Sun and Moon–and getting more opportunities to play magic!

Mr Black, embodying mindfulness as his familiar scurries around taking photos, Mabon Eve 2013

Mr Black, embodying mindfulness as his familiar scurries around taking photos, Mabon Eve 2013


Autumn is the sunset of the solar year, and our sunset on Mabon Eve was an awesome 360 degree panorama, lingering long in the West, direction of Autumn on the yearwheel.

Witch took photos while familiar maintained cool mindfulness.



I send Blessings of Balance to all who need dynamic equilibrium, rather than extremes of hot and cold, up and down, in our lives.  And Blessings of empowerment for “changed” women.  May we find the gifts of our life’s Autumn. and rekindle our passion for life.  May we develop wisdom and share it with our tribes.  Welcome, Matrons!

Mabon Sunset--Cloud Rainbow Portal

Mabon Sunset–Cloud Rainbow Portal. Blessings for the journey from Summer to Winter!

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