Daily Prompt: I Pledge Allegiance


This rant inspired by the Daily Prompt at WordPress,sent today by michelle w. 

“Are you patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you?”


Matriotism poster--from We'Moon

Matriotism poster from the We’Moon Collective


I am NOT patriotic.  To me, patriotism appears to be unthinking allegiance to a flag, to a history of warfare, genocide and imperialism, and to an ideology of separatism and elitism, based on arbitrary geographic territories that have almost no congruence with ecological or cultural unities.

In this modern age of global interconnectedness, patriotism is something we should all outgrow before it is too late!



pledge allegiance to earth

Pledge Allegiance to Earth–poster from the We’Moon Collective

I Pledge Allegiance to the Whole Earth, which is our Mother Gaia, a precious and unique blue planet where the winds and currents, the migrations of animals, and the flow of rain down watersheds to the sea (returning again as rain) connect us all in a miraculous Web of Life. The individual strands of this Web are fragile, easily severed by the patriots, imperialists and capitalist exploiters.  But if we increase the numbers of linkages and strengthen the connections this web of interconnected life may survive the idiocies perpetrated in the name of patriotism during the centuries since Columbus “discovered” America and our forefathers stole the land from its indigenous peoples.


Patriotic Americans have led nations such as China to emulate our astonishing overconsumption of material goods.  Our government has refused to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions or otherwise set realistic standards to ensure a sustainable future.  Why would I ever consider pledging allegiance to this military-industrialist complex, or to the global corporations that truly run it?

I hope you will join me in the Pledge of Allegiance to Earth!  By replacing patriotism with matriotism, giving our allegiance to Mother Gaia and her interconnected web of life, we can create a sustainable future–and one with heart.


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