Full Moon Musings for a warm summer evening

With this Aquarius Full Moon at perigee (closest to the Earth), it should be gorgeous tonight!  But visible in my sky?  Who knows in this desert’s monsoon season!

Almost full, near perigee moon in a "30% chance of precipitation" nighttime sky

Almost full moon, near periee, in a “30% chance of precipitation” nighttime sky.

One of my favorite things is seeing the Full Moon rise as the Sun sets!  Some months the timing is so perfectly synchronized it is astonishing.  I first saw this astronomical synchronicity when I was twenty years old, inside the Parthenon, a guard down below blowing his whistle loudly, trying to make me leave the temple at the sunset closing. Enthralled by the beautiful balance of the sun setting through the western marble columns, the full moon rising through the eastern pillars, I remained in the center of the hilltop temple as long as I could, leaving just before that grumpy guard puffed his way up to me.

I returned to the Acropolis a few hours later when the grounds were opened again for the full moon–so magical on white marble!  So romantic, and that hippie from Chile so friendly!.  Why oh why didn’t the guards, and the people setting the closing times, notice and honor this sunset-moonrise phenomenon, and realize that at the Full Moon it made good sense to keep the grounds open until midnight?

After my eye-opening experience in the Parthenon, I never forgot that the full moon rises at sunset. That’s such a simple knowing, and yet it is a mystery to so many modern people.  I know the lights are bright in the city, with tall buildings and smog and busyness occluding the sky vistas.  And yet, as I drove an east-west artery through Tucson last spring, I saw this same setting sun-moon rising phenomenon in a pink-tinted sky–ahead through my windshield and behind in my rearview mirror. Gorgeous!   And accessible to any city dweller who cared to notice (I wanted to broadcast an alert to every car radio, and somehow tell people to go outside their homes–onto their roofs or into the streets to see!)

I have an artist’s soul, but was diverted from becoming an artist by early teachers and family.  And so, beauty became something that touched me deeply in my rather solitary life–beauty from Nature rather than beauty of my own, or others’, artistic creations.

As a young hippie, I grew to love the light cast by the setting sun, which brought out the red of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains where I lived.  I remember wonderful “times out of Time” with lovers, sharing sunsets and moonrises over Monterrey Bay.  Later as a wandering gypsy on my solitary journey through menopause, the golden near-sunset light would call me away from any late afternoon activity to walk the wild desert landscapes where I camped.

Now that I’m claiming my artist self, that sunset light still intrigues me.  What are the names of the colors of leaves overlain by sunset light?   Can my camera capture what I see?  (Too often, no, alas!  But sometimes, yes!).

Double rainbow and sunset's golden light on mesquite trees

Double rainbow and sunset’s golden light on mesquite trees

I know that I am more solitary and more moved by beauty than most folks.  I’m wondering if what moves me, inspires me, and makes me feel deeply connected–the natural world–can move, inspire, and evoke deep connectedness for the typical city dweller.  Or is this something for a special tribe, those “we’moon who want to run with the wolves”?  Probably the latter, and so I am grateful to be meeting that tribe at last.  You are my sisters on the journey….  Blessed be!


Desert sun setting into cloud ocean

Desert sun setting into cloud ocean


Full Moon of June in pre-monsoon clouds, looking a bit like Saturn!

Full Moon of June in pre-monsoon clouds, looking a bit like Saturn!

This evening, watch the [just barely] Leo Sun set in your summer sky.  Enjoy the Aquarius Full Moon this warm summer night, sisters, whether it sails a clear sky, plays peek-a-boo through rainbow tinted clouds, or hides behind thick storm clouds–or perhaps a deluge of rain. Celebrate what has [wo]manifested in your life since the last New Moon, and call the energy of fullness and high tide to keep momentum going where you choose.



ps, Tomorrow and Thursday are auspicious for planting, with the moon in Pisces and still quite full . Here, it’s time for a final planting of the Three Sisters (indigenous monsoon-adapted varieties of corn, beans, squash), and time to start seeds of winter crops for transplanting in 6-8 weeks.   And of course, time to harvest the bounty in the summer garden–Enjoy!

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