Blogalong Day 5–Tersely telling it like it is

Holed stones, created by small boring clams, show us there's always a way through the hard place!

Holed stones, created by small boring clams, show us there’s always a way through the hard place!


I’ve been a verrry good grrrl here on the blogalong, maintaining my (actually usual-yay!) positive attitude and blogging inspiredly (and at rather great length!) about gratitude, holydays, and rewilding oneself. I just overslept a late afternoon nap, which has temporarily interrupted my feeling of good cheer.

So for today’s blogaglong post I’m going to do a little backtalk to Pollyanna, but do it as poetic “small stones” rather than a complainy rant.  Use these feelings as grist for the creative mill.  Be “here” now, perfectly imperfect….


the sunset

and watering gardens

and doing the dishes



and hungry

still half asleep

I pile these stones


Menopausal haiku w/ added “bomb” written pre-dawn a few mornings ago:

My body turned the

perfect night to sweaty hell.

I thought they were gone!

     Night sweats, argh!

A Solitary Elfje spontaneously “downloaded” recently.  It surprised me, as I think I’m happy living alone!:


are you?

My soul mate

for this life time–


Looming large on the horizon….


basal cells

must be removed!

surgery scheduled for Wednesday



Now, trying to leaven some of this heaviness with a tidbit of humor, here’s my attempt at a limerick:

A lonely old woman named  j’Etana

got sunburned on Copacabana

so now she has cancer

(and can’t be a dancer!)

growing old as a tenant, not a rancher.

I deleted enough words to get 3-3-2-2-3 feet, and almost fit them into anapestic (da da DAH) meter but didn’t manage to rhyme the 5th line w/ the 1st and 2nd–a common challenge w/ my limericks. And hard to find the humorous twist….

I don’t actually want to ranch, but do want to own rural property. Dancing has no connection w/ sunburn (I can’t dance any more due to sciatica and fibromyalgia, perhaps topics for another complainey limerick.  Another day this blogalong month, perhaps–now that’s something to anticipate, eh?!).

Think I’ll have a little supper and watch an episode of trashy tv on Netflix, then go back to my sweaty bed.  Hopefully I’ll wake up in my Gratitude Garden in the not-too-early morning,  refreshed and… cheery!


Good night, or morning/ afternoon, whenever you read this!

Cheery froggy hugs to you!

ps, If you would enjoy posting short observations (poetry or prose) on your life to an appreciative and  supportive forum, ou are invited to yjoin the private Facebook group Small Stones-Writing our Way Home.

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