August Blogalong #1: Arguing with Proust

…my first blogalong post (Will there really be 29 more?!)  Thank you to Effy for inspiring me to energize my blog!  I’ll post musings relevant to Nature Wisdom Journey here, and others at

Arguing with Proust

or, Who Makes Me Happy?

I love sending (and receiving) cards!  Recently I purchased a Thank You card for my best friends.


I was in the checkout line at Trader Joe’s and this card’s cheerful flowers attracted my eye, along with the words “gardeners” and “blossom” and the name of the quote’s author. At that moment, the card seemed perfect! These very supportive friends are gardeners, and one of them reads Proust in the original French.  I wanted to thank them, and this looked like a “very nice” (and easy!) way to do so.

But as I was driving home I started thinking about the quote.  And then I started arguing with Proust!  ”Wait a minute! I am responsible for my own happiness, not my friends (or lovers or life circumstances).  My true friends support my soul’s blossoming, but they do not make it happen–I do!  I am happy my friends are in my life, and I really enjoy being with them, but they do not make me happy–I do!”

Taking responsibility for my own happiness has led me to actually becoming a happy person for the first time in my life.  I am the “charming gardener” of my own soul!

I’m going to have to do some altered art before sending this card, perhaps using gesso to cover the verbs I disagree with, and/or collaging in words like “support.”  Or better, create a thank-you card for my friends from scratch and alter this card for myself!


[Deep gratitude to my life coach, Scout Wilkins, for guiding me to the place where I took responsibility for my own happiness, and showing me how to nurture it with gratitude]



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