First Law on Holes?

Penzu’s prompt for today: Here’s a great quote to inspire you to write:
“First law on holes – when you’re in one, stop digging.” – Denis Healey



OK, if I’m “in the hole” financially, it’s time to stop over spending! I think I’ll put my credit cards away for a while, and perhaps cut up some of them…. Anyone remember the good old cash economy? It was so much easier to live “within my means” back in then!



And whenever I’m “in the hole” emotionally, I can stop those depressing thoughts by replacing them with thoughts of gratitude and hope. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I can reach out to make someone else’s day brighter (and my own as well). …really look into a flower, savor each bite of food, and be “religious” about keeping my gratitude journal!


But Mr Healey, if I’m “in the hole” where I’ll be composting my humanure and planting a tree, I should KEEP DIGGING! Deeper (and wide(r is beneficial to the long-term health and productivity of my trees. Of course,I need to remember to rest my back between rounds of digging. Who says a hole has to be completed before taking a break…for an hour or a couple days? 🙂



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