Ostara’s Blessings of Balance, Renewal and Creativity

Blessings of the Vernal Equinox!  We celebrated that moment of balance between Light and Dark/ Day and Night, Winter and Summer, and now the Great Rabbit Mother brings us the gift of rapidly gestating and birthing our creations in the waxing Light.

What have you gestated in the Dark that you are ready to bring forth into the Light?  Now is a time when the tides of the seasons are auspicious for doing so!


For me, I am renewing the fertility of my garden soil, working compost and organic amendments into the soil between the still producing plants of my winter gardens in order to add the summer plants that will shade or replace those cool-soil growers.  I am eating Dianthus and Viola flowers, blended with chard and kale into voluptuous green smoothies, grateful for their beauty in the garden and their deep nutrition and antioxidant properties to feed and heal my body.  I’m completing my ARTbundance coaching training, eager to begin launching my new business.  I’m taking my slothful body out into the sunlight to work in the gardens at dawn, ride the magic chaise lounge or make art under the mesquite trees of the Healing Grove in the afternoon, and walk barefoot on gritty earth at sunset

I’m still dreaming, but also taking steps to wo-manifest those dreams.  How about you?

Blessings of Springtime be yours!.


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