Gaia’s Gifts Divination

Gaia's Gifts Divination

Doing an intuitive reading using items selected by the client from a basketful of autumn leaves, seed pods, cholla skeletons, sea shells, and other gifts of Nature.  My first public appearance as a shamanic practitioner, February 2012, during my 6-months training course with Quynn Red Mountain at the Institute for the Shamanic Arts in Tucson, Arizona.


6 thoughts on “Gaia’s Gifts Divination

    • Thanks, Scout, for my first “blog comment”!

      I’ll be happy to offer this oracle to you any time, best in person, of course, because the “gifts” are so sensual. I found using this self-created oracle awesomely helpful for breaking through to doing intuitive divination, probably because it uses the Earth’s gifts that I gather myself rather than someone else’s Tarot (or other divination) system. I think it is rather like your Magic [Arts and Crafts] Box–voluptuously beautiful, awesomely playful, and amazingly helpful for opening up right brain insights and creativity.

  1. Wowsers jEtana! This is beautiful! I always loved listening to at Quynn’s meetings and it is equally wonderful to read what you have written.
    Mandee Kexa

  2. Hey Junebug!
    I am so happy to hear about your healing and moving ahead in a meaningful direction. Bonne biz launch! I am also feeling very honored to be ‘in the basket” (er, not a basket-case! hmm, not today.) I am sure your gathered wisdom will help others. Yipee- go for it!

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